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What a fun week… My boyfriend is a complete moron! He is 19 years old and he decided to skip college to go play on a children’s park…

Firstly, it irritates me when he skips his lessons because it’s not the right thing to do.
Secondly, he’s 19… Too old to play in a kids park…

He would have gotten away with it if he hadn’t of fallen off one of the climbing things and almost broken his ankle… I had no idea about any of this because I was at school and he had forgotten his phone so he could not text me or phone an ambulance…

His friend however, carried him from the park all the way back to home where my male’s mother kindly called him a dick head!

So I will soon be making brownies for my boyfriend, because he is crippled, and for his friend, for being nice and looking after him!

What a tit though…

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Learning Songs

So, I’m thinking of doing another guitar cover to add to my YouTube account.
Since we are learning Boulevard Of Broken Dreams in music I think that may be a good one to cover once I have learnt all of it.

I’ve always loved Green Day and their songs so I’m glad I get to learn it and perform it with my class later on.

If you want to check out my YouTube, it is http://www.youtube.com/littlelobo98
Please like, comment and subscribe and I will hopefully have a new guitar video up soon!
Thank you guys!

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I remember the first Pokemon game I ever played! Pokemon Diamond! I chose Turtwig as my starter so I love that Pokemon to pieces! I was gutted when my DS and game card broke because I lost my Turtwig (I can’t remember the name of its final form so I call it by the name I gave it or Turtwig). I named him Lightning because he was a turtle!

I miss playing Pokemon so much! I loved it! So when I’m 16 – and can actually buy things online – I’m going to try to collect all the Pokemon games and all the consoles it’s played on and I will play them all!

Wish me luck!


No Questions To Answer!

So last week I asked you guys to ask me questions to answer but no one has asked me anything… So… I wasn’t expecting anything to be honest because no one really knows me or wants to know me. xD

Feel free to ask me questions! Just comment on my posts if you want to ask something!

It’s been a long, tiring week. School is effort and I’ve been seeing my boyfriend less so I can get used to when he moves away. I feel rather deflated…

Bye bye!

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First Day Back

So, today was the first day back after our Easter break. I forgot how dreadful it is having to wake up early… I admit, it’s worse in winter because you freeze to death the second you remove your duvet but it is still bad.

The uniform is so uncomfortable and I don’t know what possessed me to use extremely heavy (to me anyway) steel capped boots as school shoes. I can’t walk to English without running out of breath!

I haven’t seen many of the people I dislike yet but I’m sure I’ll have to bump into them at some point. I don’t like them because they are basically bullies. They call me a slut for being with my boyfriend, they call him a paedophile and now they’ve run out of stuff to say about that, they are just mocking my appearance… I don’t want to say anything though because I was recently in trouble for something which “ruined the schools reputation” and they would think I’m trying to make things worse for them…
I’m sort of stuck but oh well, I will survive!

I got so much homework today as well! I wish they’d go easy on you since it’s the first week back, just to let us get back into the swing of things, but no…

Bye bye for now!

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Questions and Answers?!

I’m bored and I feel like I haven’t said much about myself so if anyone wants to know anything about me, leave a question in the comments and I will answer them in a post. I’m not that popular so I will give it a week! Next Sunday I will answer any questions asked!

Bye bye for now =D

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Missing the Sun…

This morning the weather was so nice and I wanted to go for a lovely walk with my boyfriend. I called him up and he said I could come over.
When I got there, he was still in bed. I tried to wake him up but he kept rolling over and being a generally lazy person… I knew it was going to rain soon and he had promised me a walk so I kept trying…
Two hours later… He is finally ready and lord behold! It’s raining… We did walk to the shop but it wasn’t quite what I had in mind. That took about an hour and then he went home and so did I because he was having friends over…

Two hours of being bored waiting for him to get up for one hour of chilling together. At least he was awake for his friends… Sigh…

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My Guitars!

I have got a total of 4 guitars and I love them all!♡
The first guitar I ever got was an acoustic guitar when I was in year 4/5. I learnt the basics on this guitar and I called it Fernando.
The second guitar I got was a cheap little electric guitar and it came with an amp. It was purple when I got it but the sun faded it a little. I always played it whenever I was alone in the house and ended up performing with it in a play our high school did. I named this one Bellatrix.
The third guitar was given to me by my boyfriend, he got one at one point but never learnt to play so he gave it to me instead. It’s a little black guitar and it’s a midget compared to my others. I named this one Rodger!
My fourth guitar is called Manta. It’s a PRS Custom 24 in whale blue. I adore this guitar and I got it for Christmas. I also got an orange amp to go with it. I had wanted one of those for so long and was so happy when I got it! It sounds amazing when plugged into my orange amp♡

20130412-124703 PM.jpg

20130412-124713 PM.jpg

20130412-124720 PM.jpg

20130412-124750 PM.jpg

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Finally got myself dressed and my fashion sense isn’t too bad today! Woo! =D

I’m off out for the day! Might buy some craft stuff and drag my boyfriend out of bed!

20130411-013542 PM.jpg

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Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing City Folk for the Nintendo Wii, it has no story line to it but I am still addicted to it! I don’t know why but I can’t stop playing it… I am not a reviewer or anything but here are my thoughts on the game.

It’s a bit weird…
One, because you’re living in a town full of animals.
Two, because the town only seems to develop once you arrive.
Three, there are really odd situations like when it’s suggested that a bull fancies your character or when a goat thinks a wolf and a squirrel are dating…

You can take it seriously though, I know this because I am trying to catch all the fish in the game. I’m such a good fisher on it, it is unreal. I know the price of almost every fish in the game. I’ll admit that it is a bit sad but what can I say? I need a life…

I need to get out more, and with that I bid you farewell for now!
Seriously though, try the game! It’s actually quite relaxing!

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