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The Story Of A Little Guitarust called Lobo!

My Guitars!

on April 12, 2013

I have got a total of 4 guitars and I love them all!♡
The first guitar I ever got was an acoustic guitar when I was in year 4/5. I learnt the basics on this guitar and I called it Fernando.
The second guitar I got was a cheap little electric guitar and it came with an amp. It was purple when I got it but the sun faded it a little. I always played it whenever I was alone in the house and ended up performing with it in a play our high school did. I named this one Bellatrix.
The third guitar was given to me by my boyfriend, he got one at one point but never learnt to play so he gave it to me instead. It’s a little black guitar and it’s a midget compared to my others. I named this one Rodger!
My fourth guitar is called Manta. It’s a PRS Custom 24 in whale blue. I adore this guitar and I got it for Christmas. I also got an orange amp to go with it. I had wanted one of those for so long and was so happy when I got it! It sounds amazing when plugged into my orange amp♡

20130412-124703 PM.jpg

20130412-124713 PM.jpg

20130412-124720 PM.jpg

20130412-124750 PM.jpg


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