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First Day Back

on April 15, 2013

So, today was the first day back after our Easter break. I forgot how dreadful it is having to wake up early… I admit, it’s worse in winter because you freeze to death the second you remove your duvet but it is still bad.

The uniform is so uncomfortable and I don’t know what possessed me to use extremely heavy (to me anyway) steel capped boots as school shoes. I can’t walk to English without running out of breath!

I haven’t seen many of the people I dislike yet but I’m sure I’ll have to bump into them at some point. I don’t like them because they are basically bullies. They call me a slut for being with my boyfriend, they call him a paedophile and now they’ve run out of stuff to say about that, they are just mocking my appearance… I don’t want to say anything though because I was recently in trouble for something which “ruined the schools reputation” and they would think I’m trying to make things worse for them…
I’m sort of stuck but oh well, I will survive!

I got so much homework today as well! I wish they’d go easy on you since it’s the first week back, just to let us get back into the swing of things, but no…

Bye bye for now!


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