Lobo's Life!

The Story Of A Little Guitarust called Lobo!


on May 3, 2013

What a fun week… My boyfriend is a complete moron! He is 19 years old and he decided to skip college to go play on a children’s park…

Firstly, it irritates me when he skips his lessons because it’s not the right thing to do.
Secondly, he’s 19… Too old to play in a kids park…

He would have gotten away with it if he hadn’t of fallen off one of the climbing things and almost broken his ankle… I had no idea about any of this because I was at school and he had forgotten his phone so he could not text me or phone an ambulance…

His friend however, carried him from the park all the way back to home where my male’s mother kindly called him a dick head!

So I will soon be making brownies for my boyfriend, because he is crippled, and for his friend, for being nice and looking after him!

What a tit though…


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