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I remember the first Pokemon game I ever played! Pokemon Diamond! I chose Turtwig as my starter so I love that Pokemon to pieces! I was gutted when my DS and game card broke because I lost my Turtwig (I can’t remember the name of its final form so I call it by the name I gave it or Turtwig). I named him Lightning because he was a turtle!

I miss playing Pokemon so much! I loved it! So when I’m 16 – and can actually buy things online – I’m going to try to collect all the Pokemon games and all the consoles it’s played on and I will play them all!

Wish me luck!


Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing City Folk for the Nintendo Wii, it has no story line to it but I am still addicted to it! I don’t know why but I can’t stop playing it… I am not a reviewer or anything but here are my thoughts on the game.

It’s a bit weird…
One, because you’re living in a town full of animals.
Two, because the town only seems to develop once you arrive.
Three, there are really odd situations like when it’s suggested that a bull fancies your character or when a goat thinks a wolf and a squirrel are dating…

You can take it seriously though, I know this because I am trying to catch all the fish in the game. I’m such a good fisher on it, it is unreal. I know the price of almost every fish in the game. I’ll admit that it is a bit sad but what can I say? I need a life…

I need to get out more, and with that I bid you farewell for now!
Seriously though, try the game! It’s actually quite relaxing!

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